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Dominic Kalms


EXTRA, EXTRA!! Donate Now, Pay Later™ with Dominic Kalms


Shakira Releford


Sep 21, 2022


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“Why couldn’t we take this infrastructure and apply it to the largest underserved sector of finance in the world?”- Dominic Kalms

“I want to build the first-ever philanthropic credit product.”- Dominic Kalms

“It makes me feel great knowing that the nonprofits are getting more money now.”Dominic Kalms

“We raised a huge credit lending facility from a couple of banks who gave us the capital.”- Dominic Kalms

“It’s a problem with liquidity because 40% of all donations in America come in the last three months of the year”- Dominic Kalms

“There are a lot easier ways to make money than running a VC-backed tech company in the nonprofit space.”Dominic Kalms

“My whole professional adult life, I have been trying to do something at the intersection of profit and purpose, and more on the purpose side.”Dominic Kalms

“I believe in the promise of philanthropy. That’s what this comes down to.”Dominic Kalms

“We will unlock billions of additional liquidity at scale. That’s what I want to see happen.” Dominic Kalms

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