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Chris Younger


70 Deals, $2 Billion in Value with Chris Younger from Class VI Partners


Jon Stoddard


May 15, 2023


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“We get an edge over our competition by remotely diagnosing and solving maintenance problems for our customers versus having to roll a truck.” — Chris Younger

“One thing I learned in doing those acquisitions is how fun entrepreneurs are to work with. They were high integrity, high quality, driven, fun people to hang out with.” — Chris Younger

“You want an owner who’s running to something and not running from something.”— Chris Younger

“We’re the eyes of the buyer throughout the process.” — Chris Younger

“Sometimes all it takes is painting that picture for them of what’s possible, and then they’ll go execute.”— Chris Younger

“The only cash that can count on are the dollars you receive at close. If that’s not enough to meet your objectives, we shouldn’t do the deal.” — Chris Younger

“When going to market, talking to people that might be outside the likely suspects allows you to find somebody who is willing to pay a premium because they want that business for a unique reason. It’s a lot of elbow grease, a lot of reaching out to folks and talking to them, but it works.” — Chris Younger

“There isn’t an incentive to create risk for the business by firing a bunch of people that have been delivering results.” — Chris Younger

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