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Chris Younger


Empowering Entrepreneurs with Chris Younger


Ken Eslick


July 4, 2023


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“What we’ve learned is that a company that has prepared over a longer time frame is going to be better off. When you can integrate the personal and the business planning and execution, you get much better results.” – Chris Younger

“Our clients have given over $200 million back to charity. That’s great evidence of how generous and charitable entrepreneurs are, and they don’t get enough credit for that.” – Chris Younger

“What we do for those businesses is focus on how to strip perceived risk out of the business and how to make their growth plans a lot more credible.” – Chris Younger

“There are a lot of benefits to starting early, being thoughtful, and addressing those risks that show up, really honing your growth plan.” – Chris Younger

“Entrepreneurs have a lot of really good ideas, but if they haven’t demonstrated that they can be successful executing on those ideas, they’re going to get zero credit.” – Chris Younger

“My advice to my kids is always be in the office. That’s where you’re going to get the informal conversations, the feedback, the interesting projects, and everything else. I can’t imagine trying to develop as a young person today without having readily available mentorship.” – Chris Younger

“We saw examples of how these entrepreneurs persevered during COVID. Of all the clients that we had, we didn’t have anybody go out of business.” – Chris Younger

“We think about the value of a business as: what are the future cash flows of that business? How fast is the business going to grow and generate more cash? How risky are those cash flows? How much risk is there in the business?” – Chris Younger

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