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Chris Younger


EP 45: Helping Entrepreneurs Navigate Their Journey with Chris Younger


Bob Mastroianni


June 30, 2023


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“We love working with entrepreneurs. They are some of the most interesting, talented, smart, driven, and fun to hang out with people that I know.” – Chris Younger

“Our goal is to make a sale as rewarding both financially and spiritually to that entrepreneur as possible.” – Chris Younger

“When you wake up in the morning, and there’s not something driving you or something purposeful in your life, it’s really unsettling.” – Chris Younger

“High-quality entrepreneurs understand the role of fortuity in business. Most of them count themselves really fortunate.” – Chris Younger

“When we’re all looking at our last minutes on Earth, we’re not thinking about what’s in the bank account. We’re probably thinking about  friends, family, and whose lives we impacted.” – Chris Younger

“I would love at the end of at the end of my life to be able to look back and say I helped a lot of people and I made a difference in people’s lives” – Chris Younger

“I’ve gotten more pleasure out of watching other people succeed based on help I’ve given them than any success I’ve had personally.” – Chris Younger

“There’s a significant price to being right, and sometimes it’s not worth it.” – Chris Younger

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