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Chris Younger


What Can Business Owners Do In Advance of a Sale to Maximize Value? with Chris Younger


Dave Kittle


Mar 17, 2023


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“We acquired 27 companies over a couple-year period. So it was fairly hot and heavy. And as you might expect, you learn quite a bit with that many deals in such a short period of time.” – Chris Younger

“I love my job, I get to work with entrepreneurs all day. So it’s about as good as you can get.” – Chris Younger

“The biggest mistake that we see business owners make is really lack of preparation.” – Chris Younger

“When you think about business value, in my opinion, is really a combination of two factors. One is how risky is the business perceived to be by a buyer…And the second one is, how credible is the growth plan.” – Chris Younger

“Investors speak a little bit different language than entrepreneurs. So there’s a lot of translation that needs to happen there.” – Chris Younger

“Time kills deals. So if you have folks that are less sophisticated or don’t necessarily know how to address those issues, that can delay the transaction significantly.” – Chris Younger

“The number one risk that businesses have is that the business is too dependent on the owner, or the CEO, and particularly for businesses that are starting to scale.” – Chris Younger

“It’s really all about, hey, how do I get my business in a position where the perceived risk is a lot lower, and my growth plan is highly credible. “ – Chris Younger

“The old adage of hire slowly, fire quickly is absolutely true, particularly with a COO, CFO, head of sales type position where they’re so critical to the company’s future growth.” – Chris Younger

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