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Chris Younger


What Are You Getting Into When You Want To Sell Your Business?


Morgan & Westfield


May 17, 2023


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“When we look at a series of bids, the highest bid is usually the best fit because that buyer values the same things, they’re excited about the same growth story, and there’s a good connection.” – Chris Younger

“The one consistent comment we get from clients is, ‘I had no idea how difficult this would be.” – Chris Younger

“If the wheels start to fall off of the business during a deal, there’s no faster way to kill it.” – Chris Younger

“It’s a very emotional time for them. Most business owners are very committed to their team and their customers.” – Chris Younger

“It takes time to build out a high-quality team that’s going to drive valuation north.” – Chris Younger

“I liken our jobs to telling the right story to the right person at the right time. Some buyers are going to buy into your story, and some buyers are not.” – Chris Younger

“If you can get the science of the deal, you don’t need that much of the art of the deal.” – Chris Younger

“There’s an art in managing different parties and making sure that communication is happening the right way.” – Chris Younger

“When minor issues start to take center stage, that’s when a deal is very risky.” – Chris Younger

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