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Chris Younger


Building everything around values – with Chris Younger of Class VI


James Johnson


July 18, 2023


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“It took a long time for us to build the business and to get business owners willing to trust us and put their faith in us.” – Chris Younger

“You’re just never going to go wrong doing the right thing, even though it may cost you money in the short term.” – Chris Younger

“When this stops being fun, we’ll stop doing it. But we’re still having a lot of fun.” – Chris Younger

“Growing a service business where the revenue streams are elongated requires a lot of patience.” – Chris Younger

“There’s a phrase, ‘It’s amazing how much can get done if no one cares who gets the credit.’ It’s also amazing how much can get done when no one casts blame.” –  Chris Younger

“We both had this vision for what we wanted the business to be and who we want to be with our clients; We built that shared value system over time.” – Chris Younger

“The best entrepreneurs recognize it wasn’t just them, and they’re willing to share and give back.” – Chris Younger

“Your job as a leader is not for all those folks to serve you. Your job as a leader is to serve them.” – Chris Younger

“There are two sides to any disagreement, and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. That’s definitely true in the transaction game.” – Chris Younger

“The best thing that we can do is to try to make what is a really inefficient market, the private capital market, more efficient for our clients.” – Chris Younger

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