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Chris Younger


CEO Insights & Self Care with Chris Younger


Michael Mitchell


Apr 19, 2023


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“I was way out over the tips of my skis as a youngster.” – Chris Younger

“I would much rather clean up broken glass than have to push someone.” – Chris Younger

“Any one of those things can kill a business, right? We’re dealing with all three of them.” – Chris Younger

“I think most CEOs are pretty type A. We’ve got a goal in mind, and we’re going to do anything it takes to get there.” – Chris Younger

“The successful CEOs that I’ve worked with are all servant leaders.” – Chris Younger

“The successful CEOs and entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with are all persistent as hell, they are going to do whatever it takes to work through things.” – Chris Younger

“When we look at small to mid-market businesses, one of the risk factors that we see in almost all of them is the business is way too dependent on that CEO or the owner.” – Chris Younger

“What we are first and foremost is integrity.” – Chris Younger

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