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James Mulvany


Season 2 | @James Mulvany of Matchmaker.fm, Podcast.co & Radio.co


Chris Cownden


November 11, 2021


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“When I was young, I wanted to go into radio as a DJ, and I was also interested in the internet, so I ended up fusing the two together.” – James Mulvany

“You don’t need to hire people on your doorstep to get good results. We’ve adapted incredibly well as a remote company.” – James Mulvany

“Look at the thing that is taking up most of your time, that is not enabling you to grow the business. That is the first position you should hire as a co-founder.” – James Mulvany

“Customer service is a very important part of any business. If you’ve got happy customers, it will encourage word of mouth and good reviews.” – James Mulvany

“The main thing we’re focusing on is the community aspect. That’s the next big feature which we’re releasing this year.” – James Mulvany

“If you’re curating a good selection of people to talk to that have interesting things to say, creating content pretty easy.” – James Mulvany

“When I started using MatchMaker, I was reaching out and saying, ‘You have this particular expertise that I’d like to talk to you about.’ Now I’m getting a lot of people requesting to be on the podcast.” – Chris Cownden

“Everybody’s got so many stories, different things to share, and different experiences. It’s not one size fits all.” – Chris Cownden

“It’s got to be a balance, and you don’t want to burn yourself out.” – Chris Cownden

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On this episode of the Talking with Experts podcast, host Chris Cownden speaks with James Mulvany, a pioneer in the podcast industry. James is the founder of podcast.co, radio.co, and matchmaker.fm. Chris and James discuss how to ensure your podcast has the right guests for your audience by utilizing matchmaking. Since COVID, podcast.co has been using a hybrid model in which James and his team work with their clients to help spread their message worldwide.

James talks about how he got started in the podcasting domain, what made him decide to start his own channel, and some of the challenges he’s faced along the way. Mulvany also shares his thoughts on the future of podcasting and how it will continue to grow as a platform for content creators. He shares some advice on how podcasters can make sure they’re getting great guests on their shows while still maintaining their integrity.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How matchmaking capabilities have changed how content creators find each other.
  • Tips of the trade James learned as a solo entrepreneur.
  • James’ various investments into internet start-ups: both successful and not.
  • How podcast.co has grown to nearly 400,000 users.
  • Starting his Youtube channel in 2008.
  • James’ journey learning marketing in the podcasting world, such as SEO and using a call to action.

Additional topics discussed:

  • The process of integrating podcasts with Google search results.
  • Podcast.co’s future as a more collaborative space.
  • Why podcast.co offers subscription plans.
  • New community-focused features coming for podcast.co.

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