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Brandy Whalen


Podcast Guesting for the C Suite: Brandy Whalen


George Torok


January 6, 2021


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“Everyone has a story to share with the world.” ~ Brandy Whalen

“Podcasting is where we see real people.” ~ Brandy Whalen

“Podcasting is a way for you to convey a human message.” ~ Brandy Whalen

“Podcasting is a sweet medium that allows people to be who they are and be a little bit vulnerable.” ~ Brandy Whalen

“People want to hear how many times you’ve fallen on your face to get to where you are right now.” ~ Brandy Whalen

“We aspire to pull ourselves back up after every failure. That’s the story people want to hear.” ~ Brandy Whalen

“If you really want to know someone better, sit down and have a conversation with them.” ~ Brandy Whalen

“Kitcaster found ways to bring people together and have meaningful conversations even when we were trapped in our homes.” ~ Brandy Whalen

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Podcast Guesting for the C Suite on Your Intended Message with Brandy Whalen

Guesting in this episode of Your Intended Message, Kitcaster co-founder Brandy Whalen engages in an informative discussion with host George Torok. In it, you’ll discover the importance of podcasts for C-Level executives and how they’re vital for client-brand relations. 


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Kitcaster ramped up at the start of the pandemic and found innovative ways to connect clients and consumers 
  • The differences between a podcast interview and a traditional media interview
  • The concerns and challenges of clients that podcasts can help them with
  • How the C-level executives – the CEOs, CFOs, CTOs – can use podcasts as an opportunity to give customers a good look at the company they represent 


Good Question & Answer 1:

George Torok: Who and why would anyone want to be on a podcast?

Brandy Whalen: I think anyone and everyone should be on a podcast. I tell our clients that everyone has a story to share with the world. Our clients are typically C-level executives – CEOs, CFOs, heads of human resource CTOs – and they’re looking to get in front of audiences to really showcase their expertise. We tell them that podcasts provide this unique opportunity for their current customers, potential customers, and their employees to really get a good look behind the curtain of whatever company they’re representing. It doesn’t have to be a sales pitch. We encourage them to share their personal stories, their vulnerabilities, and how they got to where they are now, and allow people to hear what they want to hear so they can connect with them as human beings.


Good Question & Answer 2:

George Torok: When someone comes to you and says, “Brandy, we’re at this place in our business, and I’d like to put a little bit more personality into it. I’d like to be a guest on a podcast.” How do you decide where they should? Who should they speak to amongst the millions of podcasts out there?

Brandy Whalen: We are talking about 2.6 million podcasts. That’s a lot of shows. It’s really important that when we bring a client on, we’re really dialing into what their goal is. Everyone’s goal is going to be different. Is it brand awareness, or is it recruiting? We’re in a time when people are having a really big challenge finding talent. Podcasts are a great way to demonstrate your culture, what you value in your team, and who you are as a human being. After that, you can attract people to come work for you because they care about you and what you are doing. There are many different ways of using podcasts to your benefit. In the beginning, it’s just determining what your goal is. Then from there, what is your expertise? We highlight the different things you can talk about, both professionally and personally, and people usually have three strong categories in both arenas. From there, we zero in on the podcast that we think would be a good fit. We research, take a look at the show notes, read about the host, and make sure that we have that good fit. We certainly don’t want to set up our clients for a situation that’s not a good fit for them.


Additional topics discussed:

  • Is it a good idea for companies to start their own podcast?
  • What mistakes should a podcast host or guest avoid?
  • How can a storyboard help the podcast guest and host?


Host / Podcast Bio: 

George Torok is an executive speech coach, a virtual presentation specialist, marketing expert, keynote speaker, interviewer, and podcast host of Your Intended Message. George co-authored the bestselling Secrets of Power Marketing and has contributed to over a dozen other books. Dubbed as the Marketing Wizard by the Enterprise Magazine, he has written over 500 articles printed in hundreds of publications such as Executive Travel, Canadian Manager, The Futurist, Leader, South Asian Woman, and for the marketing column section of the Enterprise Magazine. 


Guest Bio:

Brandy Whalen is a Geographic Information Science and Cartography master’s degree holder from the University of Denver. She considers raising her three boys to be emotionally intelligent men a skill-intensive role she’s had for over 15 years. She is a public relations specialist, co-founder of Kitcaster, and lists her role as a facilitator of meaningful conversations. In Kitcaster, they have cultivated a partnership with over 500 clients in the three years they’ve been in operation. 


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