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Brandy Whalen


Ep151: How To Get Booked On Podcasts – Brandy Whalen


Adam Adams


January 28, 2022


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“It’s always about trying to share a relatable story. Whether or not it ties into your company, using stories helps you drive results.” -Adam Adams

“If you don’t get in front of people — if you just have a podcast but nobody listens — you don’t make an impact, you don’t make an income, and you have nothing.” -Adam Adams

“How do you get good guests? This question applies to both your clients and listeners.” -Adam Adams

“Never send a link on social without permission.” -Adam Adams

“What’s the point of getting on all these podcasts if you haven’t focused on two things: What is the message and what will you do a little bit differently?” -Adam Adams

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How To Get Booked on Podcasts With Brandy Whalen

In this episode of “The Podcast on Podcasting,” host Adam Adams speaks with Brandy Whalen. Whalen talks about the process, tips, and techniques of growing a podcast by becoming a guest on other podcasts. In particular, she shares how her agency, Kitcaster, gets people booked on podcasts, how they deliver their six-month campaigns, and how they conduct story crafting or modern media training to keep clients fully equipped for podcast interviews.

She also discusses how her company does marketing for over a hundred clients and connects these individuals to the right podcast and the right people.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Brandy’s agency will help get your story on other people’s podcasts 
  • The difference between having a third party help you get on others’ podcasts and doing it all by yourself
  • Effective (and ineffective) marketing strategies to get you booked on podcasts
  • The two types of guests and how you can prepare to be a great guest
  • The importance of stories in podcasts


Good Question & Answer 1:

Adam Adams: What are you doing to get people booked on podcasts? That’s because I’m hoping that if we can’t afford it for any reason, if we’re not at a place where we can say, “I’ll pay you to book me.” And we want to book ourselves. What are the takeaways that can help us do that?

Brandy Whalen: If you have the time and know the basics of getting started, you can do this yourself and book yourself on podcasts. It’s all about making sure that what you’re looking at is aligned with your expertise. I think that even some of our clients have listened to Tim Ferriss or “How I Built This” and some mainstream podcasts, which are all fantastic. They’re well-produced, and they have amazing guests on.

However, it may not even make sense for some of our clients to be on those shows. So, make sure that you have alignment with the shows that you’re reaching out to. Then, position yourself as an expert — and don’t try to sell a product or service.

Don’t lead with your resume because they can just look at your LinkedIn profile to know more about you. Rather, give them something interesting, like a conversation that they may not have had before. Focus on what they published before, and comment on that. Share how you love a certain episode or conversation, and highlight how you can add to it by giving another perspective.

When you have a templated way of reaching out to podcast hosts, make sure to customize it based on the podcast. Then, find shows that are in your industry. A lot of our clients at Kitcaster are in the technology space, so we talk about why podcasts are so great, like why they’re better than white papers, and we think outside of the box a bit.


Good Question & Answer 2:

Adam Adams: Tell me about one of your podcast clients or one of the people that you have outreached to, and they’re telling people that reach out to them, “I’d love to have you, but you got to go through Brandy first.” Why does that host prefer to get it through you? What are you doing differently?

Brandy Whalen: They told us how they’ve worked with other PR agencies or podcast-specific booking agencies and how the guests were just not the caliber they were looking for. They were not showing up on time and had all sorts of issues. They were like, “We’re done with that and anybody in that world until we found you guys.”

So, they just tell us what they want, the types of conversations they want to have, and that they just expect us to feed them those people. That’s what we do. One of our team members maintains close communication and shares our clients who would be a good fit. They get on a Zoom call, talk every week, and then schedule it. They would say yes and no or more of this and less of that.

One of the things that they disliked about some of the guests they received previously was that they were trying to pitch products or services and not flowing with the conversation. They had an agenda, and they weren’t willing to part from it. Or, they would show up for interviews, and the guests wouldn’t ever show.

Meanwhile, some of the hosts we work with have an idea for a season in mind. We’ll get on calls with them, and they tell us the theme for the season. It’s all about building company culture. Who can you bring to me that has a strong story there? Then, we go through all of our clients, and we pull out the ones that we think are strong, and we make that connection.


Additional Topics Discussed:

  • Sending attachments versus asking permission to share links
  • Scheduling and considering your geographic reach when getting on someone’s podcast


Host / Podcast Bio:

Adam Adams is behind the full-service production team “Grow Your Show.” While he’s an influential figure in apartment investing, he became a passive investor in 2018. Now, he and his team help funded startup founders and other businesses develop, grow their podcast, and earn from it by working smart, not hard.


Guest Bio:

With her passion for entrepreneurship, Brandy Whalen has established different companies, including her PR agency. She loves crafting and telling captivating stories for various companies. An advocate of sharing powerful personal narratives, Brandy founded Kitcaster, a trusted agency specializing in podcasts. She strongly believes that podcasts are the key to a successful PR campaign.


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