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Brandy Whalen


51: ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Cheers to One Year of the PR Wine Down Podcast!


April and Laura


November 5, 2021


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“People are not at all prepared or taught how to manage anything, let alone other people.” -Laura Schooler

“The bulk of how we learn to manage people is how we are managed, which isn’t always positive.”- April White

“Part of being a good manager is helping people grow into their best self.”- April White

“You will build up goodwill in your career because people will remember you as a decent human being and a caring boss.”- Laura Schooler

“Keep yourself in check to make sure you don’t become too much of a micromanager.” – April White

“Often, women don’t apply to jobs unless they feel like they could do every part of the job.”- Laura Schooler

“One thing that surprised me  is how much I do know and how much there is still to learn.” – April White

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Hosts April White and Laura Schooler along with guest speaker Brandy Whalen talk about how podcasting is a growing and well-saturated platform with around 2.6 million different podcasts. Major companies can utilize podcasts to improve marketing and public relations as well as a way for small companies and businesses to expand their reach and influence.


In this episode you will learn:

  • How podcasts can improve company marketing and PR
  • How to start a podcast and what is involved
  • How to monetize your podcast
  • The dos and don’ts of making a podcast
  • The power of storytelling


Episode Synopsis

In this special anniversary episode of The PR Wine Down, hosts April White and Laura Schooler welcome guest speaker Brandy Whalen, a seasoned entrepreneur as well as the co-founder of Kitcaster, a podcast agency that specializes in brand awareness, web traffic, prospects, sales, funding, recruiting and more.

In this episode, the speakers discuss the potency of podcasting as a platform for public relations, or PR, how companies can use it to their advantage as well as how to start a podcast. Brandy goes into the details of the dos and don’ts of making a podcast, monetization, advertising in a podcast, as well as the power of storytelling.

The hosts continue the conversation by discussing the topic of the week: How to Manage a Team. April and Laura discuss what they wish they knew about managing a team, what they’ve learned about being a good manager as well as the key traits of a good manager. The episode continues with an Anonymous PR Horror story submitted by a listener, where April and Laura read and discuss the story and the issues within it. The episode concludes with what April and Laura have learned from a year of podcasting as well as their worst and favorite experiences.


Additional topics:

  • How to manage a team
  • Traits of a good manager
  • Anonymous PR horror story
  • What April and Laura learned from a year of podcasting


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