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Why Podcasts are Crucial to Any Marketing Campaign with Brandy Whalen | Marketing Expedition Podcast


Rhea Allen


October 7, 2021


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“We can help you understand the importance, benefits, and value of having a podcast.” -Rhea Allen

“Podcasting is definitely here to stay.” – Rhea Allen

“I love it when I get to interview people who authentically want to share their story.” -Rhea Allen

“Podcasts showcase the story of a founder and not just necessarily the product or service.” -Rhea Allen

“It’s important to talk about the story and the journey not necessarily always be selling.” -Rhea Allen

“You find ways to monetize the podcast, but at the same time, you still want to keep it authentic and genuine.” -Rhea Allen

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Why Podcasts are Crucial to Any Marketing Campaign with Brandy Whalen, Founder of Whalen Media

In this episode of the Marketing Expedition Podcast, Rhea Allen interviews Brandy Whalen, founder of Whalen Media, to discuss how and why businesses and brands use podcasts to expand their reach and develop closer personal connections within their organizations and among the audience they want to target.

Brandy and Rhea have extensive experience using podcasts to successfully promote their own businesses and achieve success for clients who use their PR services. This casual conversation about what works and what doesn’t in the podcasting world is a unique opportunity to evaluate whether podcasting makes sense for you.

Brandy and Rhea share valuable information about who’s using podcasts (hint: everyone from large companies to up-and-coming influencers) and how the podcast interviews are used.

Listen in as Brandy and Rhea share their stories in an effort to inspire you and your organization to share your own stories.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Some surprising stats about how many people listen to podcasts
  • What kinds of people and organizations use podcasts to communicate with their audiences.
  • What trends are expected in the podcasting industry (hint: it’s not going away)
  • How large companies can use podcasts to unify their workforce better
  • How podcasting fits into other elements of digital marketing, including social media
  • How podcasting fits into the PR and digital media ecosystem
  • How to get started doing podcasts, including DIY and outsourcing


Episode Summary

Rhea Allen, the host of Marketing Expedition and co-founder of Pepperstock Media, sits down with a fellow PR expert, guest Brandy Whalen, to talk about podcasting.

Brandy and Rhea discuss their experiences with using podcasts for their own PR firms as well as for the clients they serve. Learn from two public relations experts who have been in the trenches about using podcasting as a powerful communication tool.


Additional topics discussed:

  • How to highlight your successes in a podcast without coming across wrong
  • How to use podcasting to do networking
  • The right way to balance podcast sponsorships and advertising with loyal to your audience


Resources and links mentioned in the show:

  • Rhea’s podcasting business official website: Poderific.com
  • Email Brandy: brandy@kitcaster.com
  • Brandy’s podcast business official website: kitcaster.com

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