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Aaron Painter


Verifying Identity

Jake Sanders


November 28, 2023



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Calling for help shouldn’t feel like a security interrogation!
Anyone else get frustrated when customer support asks for your email to verify you during a call? Like, I’m already on the line, explaining my issue. Shouldn’t that be enough?

If my account security is so flimsy, I worry about what else might be at risk. Let’s focus on resolving the problem, not adding extra hurdles!

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#CustomerExperience #SecurityFirst #SimplifySupport #FrictionlessHelp #JustFixIt

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Airport security creates a tangible safe zone. Inside, we’re a vetted community with a shared goal: reaching our destinations. But online, platforms often lack that knowledge.

How can we build safer, more trusted online spaces?

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#SecureCommunities #KnowYourNeighbors #PlatformResponsibility #DigitalTrust #OnlineSafety #IdentityVerification #BuildingBetterTech

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Dreaming of a community where you can rock your own username and still feel like you belong? We’re talking safe spaces, zero judgment, and even a secret handshake (well, maybe not literally).

It’s about knowing you’re seen and supported, even when you’re flying solo.

So tell us, what makes your ideal online haven tick?

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#SafeCommunityGoals #AuthenticVibes #EmpoweredByAnonymity #RespectfulConnections #BeYourOwnHero #NoTrollsAllowed #DigitalSquadGoals

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Filling out endless forms with personal details? Feeling like you’re sharing your life story just to get a coffee? We get it. But oversharing can be a double-edged sword.

While companies collect data, they often struggle to manage and utilize it effectively.

Let’s prioritize efficient data collection and focus on building trust through clear communication about what’s truly needed.

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#DataPrivacyMatters #LessIsMore #InformedConsent #SimplifyForms #RespectBoundaries #BuildingTrust #DigitalWellness

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Deepfakes are blurring the lines of reality, even on professional platforms.

Shouldn’t users deserve verified identities on video content? We need tech advancements that ensure authenticity, so trust and informed connections can thrive.

Let’s prioritize #VerifiedIdentities, #ResponsibleSharing, and #CombatingDisinformation to make online spaces stronger for everyone. #TrustworthyConnections #EthicalAI #BuildingBetterTech

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#VerifiedIdentities, #ResponsibleSharing #CombatingDisinformation #TrustworthyConnections #EthicalAI #BuildingBetterTech

Publishing Schedule 📅

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Guest Star Galore: Social Media Strategy for Your Podcast Appearances

Goal: Leverage your guest interviews on other podcasts to amplify your voice, reach new audiences, and strengthen your brand presence.



  • Snackable soundscapes: Focus on platforms built for audio snippets like Instagram Stories, TikTok, and LinkedIn.
  • Visual power-ups: Adapt clips for wider reach on platforms like Facebook and YouTube by adding dynamic visuals and text overlays.


Content Themes:

  • Golden nuggets: Share your most impactful insights, actionable tips, or thought-provoking moments from the interview.
  • Debate highlights: Spark conversation with snippets of interesting discussions or friendly disagreements you had with the host.
  • Behind-the-scenes whispers: Offer viewers a sneak peek into the interview process, your interactions with the host, or any unexpected turns the conversation took.
  • Unexpected laughs: Highlight funny bloopers, witty remarks, or heartwarming moments that showcase your personality and charm.
  • Community crossovers: Share your experience being a guest, mention the podcast you were on, and tag the host to build connections.


Publishing Schedule:

  • Short & sweet: Aim for 3-5 audio clips per week, keeping them under 30 seconds for maximum impact.
  • Spreading the spotlight: Rotate between clips from different interviews to avoid over-promoting any one podcast.
  • Targeted timing: Schedule posts around the launch or peak listening times of the podcast you appeared on for additional reach.


Engagement Strategies:

  • Compelling captions: Briefly introduce the context of the clip, entice viewers to listen to the full interview, and tag the host for collaboration.
  • Visually tempting: Use eye-catching graphics, quotes, or teasers from the full interview to grab attention on non-audio platforms.
  • Polls & Q&As: Continue the conversation sparked in the interview by asking the audience their thoughts or posing related questions.
  • Call to action: Encourage viewers to follow you on your own podcast, website, or social media channels.


Measurement and Optimization:

  • Track engagement metrics: Look at completion rates, shares, mentions of the original podcast, and click-throughs to your content.
  • Analyze audience feedback: Monitor comments, messages, and poll results to understand what resonates and identify potential areas for improvement.
  • Refine your cuts: Experiment with different clip lengths, audio editing techniques, and visual styles to optimize engagement and showcase your best moments.


Bonus Tips:

  • Trailer magic: Create short promotional clips using your interview snippets to attract listeners to the full episode on the other podcast.
  • Host shout-outs: Show appreciation by publicly thanking the host and podcast for having you on.
  • Cross-podcast collaborations: Team up with the host for joint social media promotions or even a future interview swap.


By strategically sharing your podcast guest appearances with engaging audio snippets and visuals, you can gain an influx of new listeners, foster relationships with fellow podcasters, and solidify your position as a valuable voice in your niche.